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Do you want to know how to find a drain blockage as a homeowner? Finding a drain blockage may be difficult and expensive, so it’s critical to understand some fundamental facts regarding water in your drain pipes.

What causes drain blockages?

Anything that inhibits the smooth passage of water down the drain and piping causes clogged drains. This may be a tangible object stuck, such as a child’s toy dumped in the toilet. Or it might be a buildup of trash, such as fat in the kitchen sink or hair in the bath drain, that has steadily accumulated and is obstructing the normal flow of water.

Problems arise when this normal flow of water is disrupted. Flooded houses, garbage backing up into your home, and broken pipes are all possibilities. Nobody likes a clogged drain, a clogged pipe, or a clogged toilet, so let’s look at how to avoid a clogged drain and a clogged pipe.

Preventing blocked drain Glasgow

As usual, prevention is the best form of defense. If you can prevent the buildup, you should never have an issue with clogged drains. However, this is easier said than done since the buildup is seldom visible as it occurs within the pipes or under a blocked drain. Also, some things are beyond our control, such as a buildup of leaves or debris in an exterior drain. This may inhibit appropriate drainage from neighboring properties, resulting in floods or, at the absolute least, a terrible odour.

Of course, there are steps you can take, such as removing debris and trash from a drain and doing all possible to prevent waste and sediment from entering the drain in the first place. Cleaning hair from the bath drain, for example, or food debris from the kitchen sink; clearing food waste off plates before putting them in the dishwasher. All of these things assist in avoiding the buildup or, at the very least, lessen the likelihood or frequency of a clogged drain.

Identifying a blocked drain Glasgow

When diagnosing a clogged drain or pipe, determine if it is a total or partial blockage. Nothing can go beyond the impediment if it is completely blocked. There will be no water movement in either direction. A partial obstruction occurs when water can travel but not as readily as it should.

If there is just a partial blockage, you can break it apart using the water flow pressure. This might be accomplished by turning on the water, flushing the toilet, or installing a secondary water source, such as a water jet or even a pot of boiling water thrown from a height.


Whether it’s a clogged drain, a stinky toilet, or a broken pipe, our blocked drains Glasgow professionals can diagnose the issue and provide the most cost-effective solution. We provide a comprehensive spectrum of investigation and corrective services in any household or business setting.

At drain4sure, we understand that drain blockage may occur at inconvenient times and, if left unchecked, can constitute a significant health, safety, and hygiene danger to your property and those who live or work inside it.