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Drains are typically hidden and difficult to access. As a result, it’s common for people to overlook warning signs, and later, when the problem manifests itself, blocked drains might be challenging to deal with. We hope that this blog article will assist you in detecting some of the most typical drainage problems as well as provide you with enough information to prevent them from happening.

Blocked drains symptoms

Let’s start by learning about some of the indicators that your drains are malfunctioning:

An unpleasant odour

When a drain becomes blocked, the result is a terrible stench that indicates rotting food and other organic materials getting trapped in the pipes and starting to decompose. The smell might get even worse when you run the water.

A slow drain

When the water in your shower, sink, and toilet starts to drain more slowly, it’s an indication that something is wrong. In most situations, the water will drain away eventually. However, if the drainage is really bad, the water may not drain at all.

A sound of gurgling

When running the tap or flushing the toilet, you might hear a gurgling sound. This is caused by air that has been stored in the pipes before being sent up through the system.

What causes blocked drains?

Let’s take a look at the most common causes of clogged drains so you can identify what to watch for and take the necessary preventive measures to keep your drainage in good running order.

Fatty substances

Used cooking grease and fat are the most typical reasons for blocked drains, yet they are also the easiest to prevent. Fat has a sticky nature, so when it is washed down the sink, it will stick to the inside of the pipes and gradually clog them until no more liquid can pass through.

Hair accumulation

Hair may appear to be too delicate to cause significant blockages, however, the accumulation of hair around a plug can stop water from flowing through it completely, resulting in a big issue for homeowners.

Foreign items

Foreign items such as soaps, nappies, and sanitary products may not entirely block a drain at first. However, over time, a collection of debris will clog the drain and prevent water from flowing freely, resulting in significant blocked drainage issues.

Garden plants

A beautiful garden requires constant care, so make sure you clear your garden of leaves and debris to avoid clogging your drain. Moreover, the roots of trees are attracted to the nearest water source and can cause pipes to fracture with time, causing blockages.

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