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Drainage & Emergency Plumbing Services

We have tradesmen available to assist you with all of your drainage and plumbing requirements. Whether it’s an emergency call, routine maintenance, or a scheduled inspection, we’ll provide you with the right tradesmen.

Drain Unblocking

Is your Drain blocked? We diagnose and quickly fix blocked drains in Glasgow for residential and commercial clients who deal with drainage issues. Call us today, and Drain4Sure will get your Glasgow drains flowing well again!

Never ignore a blocked drain

Drains that are clogged should never be taken lightly. If the blockage was caused by cracked pipes, water could be seeping out and weakening the surrounding soil. If this is not addressed, your property is at risk of subsidence or even collapse. If you simply unblock the drain without inspecting it, you will not know until it is too late.

Glasgow Drain Unblocking from Professional Drain Engineers

Unblocking a drain without inspecting it first flushes away all the valuable evidence. That’s why, before we unclog your drains, we conduct a CCTV inspection to determine the cause of the blockage and make treatment recommendations.

Plumbing Repairs

Our Glasgow plumbers are fully qualified and equipped to service and maintain your boiler and central heating system. We handle all aspects of plumbing, from leak repair to bathroom installation.


If you have a plumbing emergency, rest assured that we will respond promptly, day or night. We have a team on standby in fully stocked vans around Greater Glasgow, ready for immediate deployment.


From pipe leak detection and repair to repairing or replacing old corroded or damaged pipes, Drain4Sure can assist you with all your pipe repairs, new installation, and pipe replacement needs.


For all of your hot water heater needs, from 24/7 emergency repairs to new water heater installations and system maintenance. Additionally, for your convenience, we specialise in all brands and types of water heaters.

Toilet Unblocking

Is your toilet blocked? Drain4Sure will unblock your toilet quickly and with the minimum of fuss, using specialist drain rods or high-pressure water jetting. Glasgow drain engineers are highly experienced in toilet drain clearance and will clear the blockage at the lowest price in Glasgow!

We’ll get your toilet unblocked and flushing properly in no time

We understand how inconvenient it is to have a blocked toilet in your home or business. That is why, wherever you are in Glasgow, we aim to have a trained drainage expert with you to assist in clearing the blockage as swiftly as possible.

What can cause a blocked toilet?

  • Tissue paper and kitchen paper
  • Wipes (even if they claim to be water-soluble)
  • Long hair clumps
  • Cotton buds and dental floss
  • Tampons and sanitary towels
  • Plastics; bags and packaging
  • Items made of latex; condoms and gloves
  • Cotton wool pads and cosmetic pads


CCTV Drain Camera Surveys (Drain Inspections) allow our Glasgow engineers to determine the true state of your drains while causing the least amount of inconvenience possible. We can supply our customers with a video and complete report, as well as detailed recommendations for any necessary repair work.

A CCTV drain survey can help discover and resolve drainage issues quickly and affordably

Due to the wealth of information that a CCTV drain survey provides our engineers, they are frequently a critical component of our work. The equipment reveals the extent of any drainage problems and their precise locations. It’s quick, simple, and quiet.

CCTV drain inspection surveys are beneficial for a variety of reasons

  • Pre-purchase surveys – No one considers the condition of the drainage system before buying a home, but a CCTV drain survey will reveal any drainage issues that need to be repaired.
  • Mapping a drainage network – Understanding a property’s drainage system can be highly beneficial. For example, when planning building or renovation work.
  • Investigating problems – A drain survey report will help you identify drainage issues such as clogged or collapsed drains.

Blocked Shower & Bath Drains

Our engineers are frequently called to fix slow draining or clogged shower and bath drains around Glasgow.

Our technicians can unblock any shower blockage.

Typically, blockages are caused by long, tangled hair that is combined with soap grease, debris, and dirt. Additionally, limescale buildup can reduce the flow of water from a bath or shower. This can result in clogged showers.

Using chemical products to unblock a drain

Chemical drain cleaners are commonly available to help in unblocking bath and shower drains. However, caution should be taken when using them. It’s possible you could damage your drainage pipework if you use them regularly and especially if you’re mixing different products.

Professional Drain Cleaning

If a property has a blocked or slow-running drain, cleaning and inspection are almost always required. Debris clogging the drain causes obstacles that block the free flow of water. As more debris accumulates behind these obstacles, a full blockage may occur.

Drain cleaning and descaling

As soon as you suspect your drains may be blocked, you should schedule a professional drain cleaning service. The smell of sewage in your home or business is a clear indication that drain cleaning is needed.

Build-up in drains

It’s not uncommon to discover that slow water flow is caused by accumulations of fat and grease washed down the kitchen sink. They have a tendency to coagulate and accumulate in the drain network.

Leak Detection

If you have a hidden or continuous leak that needs to be discovered prior to beginning repairs, we can help you. Our leak and damp investigation professionals implement a variety of high-tech techniques to locate the exact site of any leak or water infiltration issue. 99% of leaks are discovered and repaired.

Most visible leaks can be fixed quickly, but hidden leaks require our leak detection professional

If your insurance policy does not cover ‘Trace & Access,’ you must look for a reputable company. You’re seeking for specialists who can reassure you that the leaky pipe will be identified and repaired as soon as possible, with minimum disruption and cost to you.

What types of leaks can we detect?

  • Central heating system pipework
  • Underfloor heating system pipes
  • Mains water supply pipework
  • Internal plumbing pipework (hot and cold water)
  • Waste and soil pipes
  • Bath and shower leaks
  • Unvented system pipework
  • Rainwater entering your property

We believe that our leak detection service is the most effective method of locating a leak and repairing it as fast and cheaply as possible.

24hr Emergency Plumber

With emergency callouts available 24/7, our skilled Glasgow plumbers will respond to any type of emergency! Have you experienced a burst pipe, an overflowing toilet, a clogged drain, or frozen pipes? Drain4Sure will respond within an hour of your call, minimising any inconvenience or disruption.

Ready for any type of plumbing emergency

We strive to send a plumber to your location as promptly as possible and begin resolving the issue immediately. That is why we maintain plumbers on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.